It’s gonna take a montage

In anything where you need to go from just a beginner to a pro, you need a montage. This tidbit of wisdom comes from possibly the greatest action / puppet flick I’ve seen, Team America: World Police.

The two dorks who created South Park, Matt Parker and Trey Stone, annoyed about what they considered to be the U.S. tendency to want to “police the world”, made this satirical move about a group of militants trying to destroy a plot by Kim Jong-il to deploy weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). Rather than make an animated feature, they somehow decided to make an action movie using a cast of marionettes.

The music is particularly awesome, featuring songs like America, Fuck Yeah, and Freedom Isn’t Free, but my favorite is probably the Rocky-inspired Montage. Here’s a clip of it (a treat especially for those who are trying to learn Spanish!).

Also, it’s pretty awesome that these hooligans are so talented as musicians. Their band, DVDA performs a lot of the music in their various productions.