It’s the milk chocolate!

Jamie was in Pennsylvania at the NACA Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this past weekend. As someone who used to work in the booths at those NACA shows, I remember the long stretches of time in between the trade show sessions where you’d have to find something to do with yourself. Jamie’s wife and young daughter were able to join him for this trip, for a mini vay k of sorts, so at least he wasn’t solo.

My wife Kristen is originally from the Hershey, PA area, which isn’t too far from Lancaster, which means she grew up around all things Hershey. Luckily she’s been able to show me around whenever we visit, because I LOVE CANDY. So we thought we’d suggest to Jamie that he and his wife and kid visit Chocolate World at HersheyPark. “Quinn will love it!”, we said. They did, and from what we’ve heard, Jamie’s daughter Quinn asked to go on the ride twice.

I’ve been on the ride about 5 times in the past couple of years. It’s sort of become a tradition for Kristen and I… Kristen, though, has probably been on the ride hundreds of times by now. What keeps us going back? As the animitronic cows in the ride say, “It’s the milk chocolate!”

And it goes a little something like this (hit it):

Those silly cows.

Of course, the ride and the song were changed in the 1990s to appeal more to kids. Here’s a version of the ride from 1991.

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