Jesus Christ, Katy Perry! The Today Show?

Katy Hudson has come a long way from her 2001 Christian album, Faith Won’t Fail. Even her name as changed– now she’s Katy Perry. Her song, I Kissed A Girl, has been cat-cat-cat-catching on for quite some time now. It annoys me… for various reasons.

First of all, don’t insult our intelligence, Katy Perry. You ripped off both the title and the premise from Jill Sobule. Trying to titillate listeners with such a ‘taboo’ subject isn’t anything new. But it’s not like you’re intelligently trying to make some sort of statement about sexuality, you’re trying to appeal to the frat-boy fantasy of two chicks getting it on. Ur other song, Ur So Gay also used similar tired old gay stereotypes. I know you’re kidding around and everything, but girl, you know it’s true.

Katy Perry has come a long way from growing up as a good girl in a nice Christian household, we get it.

Here she is performing I Kissed A Girl on The Today Show on Friday, August 28th, 2008. Good wholesome family entertainment:

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And of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t give you a taste of Katy Hudson‘s Christian music. Here she is with her song, Faith Won’t Fail:

The beginning of it sounds pretty similar to Pain Lies On The Riverside by Live, doesn’t it? Here’s another song of hers, Growing Pains, not to be confused with THIS Growing Pains.

Come to think of it, Kirk Cameron (you know, Mike Seaver) went on to form The Way of The Master after his superb acting on television. Will HE release a song soon, then?

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  1. While I agree that it’s obvious she’s rebelling from her pure and pristine upbringing, and yes, she’s trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and YES, it’s also a little disturbing seeing the little girls sing along to a song that they likely don’t fully comprehend, I don’t think the song is as awful as people are making it out to be. She’s not putting down homosexuality. If anything, she’s saying it’s ok to try different things (and smoke funny things). In another couple of months, this song will be all but forgotten. Kinda like how Jill Sobule’s was. Overall, though, I don’t mind it. It’s got a catchy beat and you can dance to it.

  2. The only reason I’m annoyed by the Katy Perry take on the idea is because it reminds me of the Jill Sobule song cuz we sang it in the Vibes. I wonder if the new Vibes still perform it? Hrm…

    Other than that, Katy Perry’s song is pretty, well, catchy!

  3. @matt – Why yes, yes I did. But those words don’t really fit the song. I think perhaps Katy Perry should sing:

    “I heard that song/
    and I liked it/
    Thought I could rip it o-off.

    I heard that song/
    It was ho-ot/
    Thought it would change my image.”

    OK, that’s enough (bad) creativity for one day.

  4. pissed me off when i heard this song, it is so completely and obviously a rip-off of jill sobule. jill sobule is a witty talented artist who had been awesomely around since the 90’s and what perry did to jill sobule was what “brokeback mountain” did to “but i’m a cheerleader”

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