Knight Rider vs. Street Hawk

Like so many television shows these days that have bastard versions of themselves (think Flip This House vs. Flip That House), there existed two particularly oss shows in the 80s called Knight Rider and Street Hawk. I watched them both. My wife Kristen and her brother used to watch Street Hawk growing up. When this came up in conversation recently, I referred to Street Hawk as “Knight Rider on a Motorcycle”. But as this video shows, I may have spoken foolishly.

You know you want to watch the opening sequences.Here is the opening sequence to Street Hawk. Wait a second… Is that Frank Fontana? Also, according to this, a young George Clooney showed up in episode 2. I could be wrong, but I think Robert Evans is doing the voiceover narration in this.

Okay, so that’s cool and all. But Street Hawk (the motorcycle itself) doesn’t have its own Wikipedia page, unlike K.I.T.T. And you do NOT, ever, hassle the Hoff.