Miley Cyrus takes her protein pill and puts her helmet on

Last week, Lifestyles condom company offered Miley Cyrus, 15 year old star of the Disney Channel hit Hannah Montana, $1 million to be their new spokesperson.

Does anyone else find this strange? I mean, the girl is FIFTEEN! In the past she has stated that she will wait until she’s married to have sex, but maybe Lifestyles figures she can have the best of both worlds by being able to bump uglies pre-marriage and take precautions to keep from getting knocked up.

Miley’s already dealt with one controversy recently with the Vanity Fair photo scandal, so can you imagine the backlash if she became Lifestyle’s new spokesgirl?

Life is what you make it, Miley, so don’t make it a living hell by doing anything silly, like being the public face of a condom company.