Morgan Freeman tries to drive to the sto, fails

Who doesn’t like Morgan Freeman? No one, that’s who. I can’t think of another actor so universally beloved. Seriously. So imagine our concern here at Songspeak when we heard that he was in a horrific car accident yesterday.

It looks like he’s gonna be ok, which is a miracle considering his car was seen to go airborne off the highway and flip a few times before landing in a ditch. Since he’s God (as seen in Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty), I guess it’s a shock that he suffered any injury at all. Maybe this will be the kick in the ass he needs to finish his Bucket List. I just hope he’s not found at fault in the accident, or else he may end up in Shawshank prison. I can only imagine the Deep Impact his car had on the side of the highway. Maybe it was a Dark Knight and he just couldn’t see the road. Actually, rumor has it he may have fallen asleep at the wheel. I’m sure Miss Daisy wouldn’t approve.

Whatever happened, I’m glad he’s ok.

What I didn’t remember, however, is that he was on The Electric Company. Anybody remember watching that when they were a kid? I did, but I don’t remember the Easy Reader. I think the following video showcases Morgan Freeman’s range better than any movie could:

Hang in there, Easy Reader. We’re pullin’ for ya.

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