My Best Friend’s Girl

Last night, Jo and I went to see My Best Friend’s Girl, starring Dane Cook, Kate Hudson, and Jason Biggs. I have no excuse other than we had a babysitter, and it was the only movie we could remotely agree on.

It was a bit funnier than we expected, but it was your standard romantic comedy fare. This isn’t a movie review site, so I’m not going to waste your time telling you how average it is. Or how utterly “Dane Cook” Dane Cook is.

My reason for bringing it up is because the movie gets its title from the Cars song of the same name (from 1978’s self-titled album). This makes sense not only because of the plot of the movie, but also because the movie takes place in Boston (why they didn’t name it after a Boston song, I’ll never know). Though for a movie that shares its name with the Cars song, it’s surprising that the song isn’t used in the film. Oh, wait a minute. Yes it is. Repeatedly. I mean, really. To the point of ridiculousness.

Movies using song titles as their own title is definitely a form of songspeak, and there are many others. Some Kind of Wonderful, for one. I’m sure there’s a whole laundry list of them. Can you think of more? Post ’em in the comments.