My name is Jamie, and I like to Yo Gabba Gabba

Songspeak can start at a very early age. This is proof.

Having a 2 year old will open your eyes to all sorts of new television entertainment. So when Yo Gabba Gabba premiered last year on Nick, Jr., it didn’t take long for Quinn (and moreso, her parents) to become obsessed with it. There are random bits in the show where they show a little kid, and they say, “My name is (whatever), I like to dance!” Then they dance to some crazy song. Well, whenever Quinn would dance, I’d always say, “My name is Quinn, I like to dance!” and every now and then she’d say it.

But one day she was standing at her little table in the living room having a snack, and as she was eating, she said (unprovoked), “My name is Quinn, I like to eat!” We got a kick out of that, and she would crack it out every now and then for different activities (“My name is Quinn, I like to jump!”, etc.). This just makes me impressed with the instinctual nature of songspeak (TVSpeak?).

Anyway, here is an amusing example of that show from The Soup: