New commercial with Eric Violette on a bicycle

Our Songspeak readers have been big fans of the commercials starring Canadian actor Eric Violette; The Car Song, The Pirate Song, and The Dream Girl Song. I saw a new commercial last night (while watching House Hunters on HGTV) featuring Eric and his band on bicycles talking about high gas prices. I believe it is called, appropriately, “The Bicycle”.

Is this commercial as good as the other ones?

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  1. None of the commercials are good. They are all irritating; of course this new one takes the cake. It is the most annoying one. The timing is off and it is even lamer in presentation.

  2. His commercials get a ‘spific point across. they are ALL good. He is what I call a commercial cutie. I like his band, the catchy tunes. and that in todays economy, He has a JOB. Hope they make more commercials for me to watch.

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