Nothin’ better to do except buy a used dresser

not the actual dresser Back in August of 2007, I had a garage sale. I was still in my old apartment in Easthampton at the time. Kristen and I were each getting rid of some items in preparation for me moving into her place in Holyoke. One of the items for sale was a very used beat-up dresser. I really thought there was no way we’d sell it, based on its condition. The drawers didn’t really shut properly, it had cat scratch marks all over it, and it was kind of a big item to haul around. Anyway, it didn’t sell for the first couple of hours, and I was starting to dread having to deal with it post-tag-sale.

As if on cue, a young woman in a white Toyota Corolla pulled up rather quickly, blocking the driveway. She seemed to be in a bit of a hurry. She got out of the car and I think the only word she really said was “dresser”. She had a 5 dollar bill in her hand. SOLD! She opened the trunk and side doors to her rather small car. Her car had a lot of junk in it, and she wasn’t making much effort to move things out of the way. It was slightly awkward. not the actual corollaKristen and I put all the drawers in the back seat. The dresser was slightly wedged in the trunk and hung out the back while the trunk lid was completely open.

I offered to go get rope but I’m not sure if she heard or understood me. Once the dresser was in the trunk she got in the driver’s seat and prepared to drive away. As Kristen and I were walking back to the garage, I turned around and witnessed the woman put her car in reverse and accelerate quickly into the telephone pole next to my driveway. This not only dented her bumper, but because the dresser was hanging out the back, it broke it even further, and wedged it even further into the trunk. It also dented her trunk lid I believe. Anyway, even though she obviously did damage to her car, she drove away as if nothing had happened.

Why is this songspeak-related you ask? Because this entire ridiculous experience was made more ridiculous by the fact that she was ABSOLUTELY BLARING Nothing Better To Do by Leann Rimes the whole time on her car stereo.

Ever since, whenever we actually have nothing better to do, Kristen and I will start singing “nuthin’ better to do got nuthin’ better to do”.

The dresser wound up costing the woman a lot more that 5 dollars, that’s for sure.