OfficeMax Power to the Penny tv commercials

The penny prank commercials OfficeMax has been playing are their attempt at cashing in (har har) on the YouTube generation I guess. It’s what happens when a bunch of adults get together and try to make a viral video (it’s viral!). Oh– I know– these hidden camera techniques are likely not legit. I’m sure that the “businesses” are actually actors also and the whole thing is staged.

I’m kind of hoping that some group like Improv Everywhere will organize a mass invasion of OfficeMax stores and go in and pay for everything with pennies. Maybe they can bring a whole truckload like this jag.

OfficeMax states, “We’ll take your pennies!”. So here’s a challenge to you Songspeak readers: Go ahead, gather your pennies and go buy some shit at OfficeMax. Tell us how annoyed they get. Record it. Maybe we’ll post your hidden camera footage.

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