Oh, What a feeling! Toyota!

This past Saturday, August 16th, there was a big picnic at Nonotuck Park in Easthampton to celebrate mine and Kristen‘s recent nuptials. For a photo project, Kristen’s friend Kelly suggested a group of us jump in sync while she set her camera on a timer. We must have jumped twenty or thirty times in order to get this shot.

My wisecracker cousin Chris came over and said, “What… did someone just get a toyota or something?”. He was referring to the Toyota commercials of the mid-80s, when Toyota’s slogan was “Oh what a feeling!” and commercials featured excited people jumping.

Does anyone besides me and Chris remember these?

John Cena played football for Springfield College in the late 90s with my cousin. Click to enlarge the pic.

Speaking of my cousin Chris, he attended Springfield College and played football there with WWE star, John Cena. You can’t see him? He’s top row, third from the left, number 57. My cousin Chris is bottom row in the middle, number 78.

Did you know that besides all the WWE stuff, and the Subway commercials John Cena has been in, he recorded a rap album with his cousin, Tha Trademarc in 2005? The first track, “The Time is Now” was even used by Cena as his entrance music.

My cousin Chris and I, however, have not yet recorded OUR rap album. Here’s to hoping it ‘drops’ soon, y’all.

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