In April of 2007, I was lucky enough to procure some free tickets to see OkGo at my alma mater, WPI. One of the perks of working at Silver Screen Design is that when you print shirts for a show, sometimes they’ll hook you up with tickets. Anyway, my wife Jo and daughter Quinn were in Australia (with me soon to follow), but Matt and Kristen and I decided we’d all go to Worcester together for an adventure.

In the weeks leading up to the show, there were countless awful Ok Go puns (“ok, I’ll go”, “I can’t wait to go to the show, ok?”, “ok, just go”, “where will we okgo to eat?”) It was relentless. Right up to showtime.

The show itself was very good, and a few of the students who were with security for the show choreographed the band’s dance from their A Million Ways video and performed it on the upper level (right in front of us) as the band performed the song below in the middle of the crowd. It was pretty cool.

Here is the dance that they did:

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