One, two, three, four Splendas in your coffee Stanley

The Nard Dog is always good for a songspeak on The Office. Last Thursday was no exception.

Andy recently had his heart broken when he found out his fiance Angela had been sleeping with Dwight. He called off the wedding, and has been depressed ever since. So it makes sense that when Stanley brings a cute client into the office for a meeting that he became smitten and had a little crush.

One of his tricks to get to know her was to look in her car and see what kind of music she likes. He saw a Feist CD, so when he went back to the office, he tried to impress her with his own version of Feist’s hit 1234:

Ultimately, it didn’t work. But it works for Feist, whose song first gained recognition in an Apple iPod Nano commercial, then was featured on Sesame Street, and now has been featured on The Office. One more mainstream usage of the song, and we can count to 4 along with her.