Ooo-ooh, that smell!

thatsmell On Sunday, my wife Kristen and I purchased a Kenmore air purifier from Sears and brought it home. The air quality was especially bad this past weekend, and we wanted something to aid in our breathing. But as soon as we plugged it in, it smelled like cat fart. Kristen said it best, “It kind of smelled like a cross between faint skunk smell and garbage. And garlic.”

Needless to say, we returned it. On our way, in the car, we started singing That Smell by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I was singing… “ooo-ooh, that nose!” however. Anyway, I can’t praise Sears enough. We were able to get a refund without any issues and they were very helpful. In short, I can’t stand their product but their customer service is amazing.

This reminds me of an old songspeak that happened with Jamie from a few years ago. I used to go to his place to watch Lost. One time I asked if I could bring takeout chinese food over while I watched… and warned that it might “smell that smell”. He replied back with, “The smell of takeout surrounds you!”