Ooo, ooo, ooo, kissed by a man

I'm so glad Mike Watt wrote that song for us!

Last night, my wife Jo and I were listening to Songspeak’s Greatest Hits Volume 9 in my car. This particular volume includes Piss-Bottle Man by Mike Watt. I would call this a somewhat obscure song, as it’s not a song you hear very often. Jo obviously wasn’t familiar with it, because as he was singing the chorus (“ooo, ooo, ooo, piss-bottle man”), she asked if he was singing “kissed by a man”. Perhaps she thought this 1995 song was a companion to Jill Sobule’s 1995 hit, I Kissed a Girl (and a precursor to Katy Perry’s recent lesbionic offering). I told her what the real line was, but honestly, it makes less sense than her misheard version, so who knows what the hell Mike Watt was thinking. Anyway, here’s the video. Decide for yourself.

Coincidentally, on a side note, Songspeak’s Greatest Hits Volume 9 also contains Invisible Touch by Genesis for the exact reasons stated in this post.

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