Pickleback: More popular than Nickleback

Last month Coral Anne created a Facebook fan page called ‘Can This Pickle get More Fans Than Nickelback‘. Guess what– it did! It only took about 3 weeks! This is good news for cucumbers everywhere. The page has more than 1,530,445 fans.

A lot of news sites are reporting that Nickleback frontman Chad Kroeger found out about it, and instead of laughing off the ridiculousness, he sent a message to the fan page’s creator. But this seems to be fake. I mean, make no mistake, we’re not saying that that poodle of a lead singer is not a d-bag, but c’mon Daily News.

According to the page creator…

“I have had no correspondence with Chad Kroeger or anyone affiliated with Nickelback. Anyone who says so is just spreading rumours and/or are mistaken by pictures that were posted on the site of someone with what was likely a fake account. Nickelback have not done anything wrong in lieu of the making of this page and if anyone out there says that they have, it is not true.

I am fully aware that I misspelled Nickelback as “Nickleback” in the name of the page. This is because Facebook doesn’t allow you to put the word Nickelback in the name of a page because I guess if someone did it would be copyright infringement.

Also, the most famous pickle of this decade has now been forever immortalized on a t-shirt.

Speaking of fan pages, Songspeak now has a fan page on Facebook. Why not become a fan?