Presidential candidates lay the smack down

Perhaps this falls under the banner of wrestlespeak more than songspeak, but last night on WWE RAW, the three main presidential candidates (Clinton, Obama, and McCain) made pre-recorded comments to air during the show.

Yes, I enjoy wrestling, and yes, most wrestling fans get a bad rap and are stereotyped into the “unintelligent trailer trash” category. However, most wrestling fans are just average people who watch wrestling as any other form of entertainment.

So imagine how I felt my intelligence to be insulted when watching these candidates’ comments. Not only did they talk in circles and not actually say anything, they littered their mini-speeches with lame wrestling metaphors and catchphrases of wrestlers who haven’t been active¬†for about 6 or 7 years (most notably, The Rock). If you’re going to try to relate to your audience, wouldn’t it make sense to, you know, make some more current references? Good God, I was half-expecting John McCain to say, “Where’s the beef?” Don’t get me wrong, hearing Barack Obama say “If you smell what Barack is cookin'” was pure gold, but I just got the feeling I was being talked down to. It was obvious they know nothing about the WWE and were just spouting lines. They blew a good opportunity to say something real and intelligent and instead let some speechwriter make it obvious that they knew nothing of their audience. And it didn’t help McCain’s case that his message appeared last and he used the same “If you smell what the Mac is cookin'” line.

Below is a snippet of each candidate’s clip so you can see for yourself.

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  1. Here’s the link to the full video. You’d think the WWE would have an embedded video player but they do not. Buncha jags. Click here and you can look for a link to the full video.

    I’m especially disturbed about McCain making references to saying “never surrender” regarding pulling troops out of Iraq.

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