Radio DJs are the worst

With the increasing popularity of satellite radio, podcasts, and easy-to-access digital music, it’s becoming more and more apparent that FM radio is a dying medium. I’m ashamed to say that I still listen to the radio on occasion in my car, and usually the radio is on in the background in my office all day every day. So there must still be people that listen to it. But just because it’s dying doesn’t mean the DJ’s should be so ignorant and ill-informed. Call me old-fashioned, but a professional DJ should be at least a little familiar with the topics that they’re broadcasting about. I am no professional DJ, but sometimes I feel like I know about a million times more than they do about the most simple pop culture topics.

My disdain for DJ’s started about 10 years ago when I called in and won free passes to an advance screening of Meet the Parents. Dan and Kim from the 93.1 morning show were at the screening and played a little trivia game with the crowd before the movie. This is a pop music station, and not once, but TWICE, Dan said, “George Michaels”. He wasn’t saying it in the possessive form, he just thought that was his name. Most people know his name is George Michael, singular. Most people also know he’s a sketchy driver and enjoys the occasional men’s restroom rendezvous, but that’s neither here nor there. Dan and Kim have been on the radio for what seems like forever, you should know the names of the artists that are played heavily on your playlist.

My disdain grew by leaps and bounds recently when two separate DJ’s on two different radio stations (on the same day!) made ridiculous statements that prove they have no point being on the air.

The first was Leslie on Lazer 99.3. Diamond Eyes by Shinedown played, and when the song finished, Leslie started talking about the video. She talked about how it featured scenes from Rambo with all kinds of explosions, etc., etc. I thought it was random to have scenes from such an old movie, but whatever. But upon further inspection, it’s actually a song from The Expendables soundtrack, featuring scenes from THAT movie interspersed with the band performing in concert. It may have been a simple slip of the tongue, but seriously, Leslie, get your head out of your ass. Here’s the video, for those interested:

The second was courtesy of Rachel Marisay on mix 93.1. She was talking about the Black Eyed Peas halftime show during the Super Bowl the night before. First of all, she’s so oblivious, she thought they did a good job. Second of all, she then introduced I Gotta Feeling as the song “that started it all”. Really, Rachel? You’re sure they didn’t have any hits before that? Or an entire album of hits? Or artists within the group that have released solo albums since the first Black Eyed Peas album? For Christ’s sake…the station plays Let’s Get it Started on a regular basis, and that song is from YEARS ago. Song that started it all my ass. And as far as their halftime show goes, let’s see what ESPN’s online poll showed:

Looks like you’re right on the money there, too, Rachel.

God, DJ’s are the worst.

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