ROTFLOLing at the new Comcast Town commercials

concasttown A bunch of new Comcast Town ads have caught our attention here at Songspeak. They’re a mix of animation and live action, and feature people walking around singing about what they see. You can visit Comcast Town yourself on the interwebs and do all sorts of crazy things. It’s a flashtastic site where you ‘move in’ and design things using ‘Comcast bucks’.

“Welcome to Comcast Town, a place where technology lives, the possibilities are never ending and squirrels play guitars. Like any great place, there’s lots to see and do. In the coming weeks you’ll be able to explore the town, visit friends and neighbors, play games and discover Easter eggs.”

The ad campaign was produced by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

Sure, they’re not as punny as the Comcast ads with terrible, yet clever puns, but I rather enjoy this new batch of ads. Pretty clever. Here’s the long generic version. A whole batch of these commercials follow below!


New sensation sending shivers
Flying further, dreaming bigger
Single cable, one decision
Internet, phone, television

High speed internet elation
Crazy fast acceleration
Awe inspiring, screaming, yelling

Voicemail, email, all connected
Caller ID, friend detected
Kelly calling, conference Karen
So much stuff to share with Sharon

More HD, awesome edition
Death defying definition
Ninjas, cowboys, gangsters, coppers
Huge explosions, helicopters

Films fantastic, shows outstanding
Motherload of on demand-ing
Hometown showdown, perfect timing
Courtside, kicking back, unwinding

Happy hi-tech automatic
Exponentially ecstatic
Speeding forward, future hopping
Always dreaming, never stopping