Round trip ticket to hell

On the way to work this morning, I saw an oval euro sticker on a car that said, “Hell and back”. This reminded me of The Darkness song from a few years ago, One Way Ticket to Hell. I enjoy The Darkness and their retro glam metal style and the singer’s ridiculous voice, but I question some of their lyrics.

Don’t get me wrong, “Get your hands off my woman motherfucker” is pure genius and class all the way, but I’m talking more about One Way Ticket to Hell. In the song he says (and repeats numerous times), “I bought a one way ticket to hell…and back!” Now, maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t a one way ticket…you know…ONLY one way? If you bought a one way ticket to hell, you ain’t coming back. Unless you buy a one way ticket back. I mean, maybe he bought a round trip ticket. But I guess “round trip ticket to hell and back” isn’t as catchy. Or maybe he didn’t feel like singing, “I bought a one way ticket to hell…and then decided I’d stayed there long enough so I then went and purchased a one way ticket back to where I originally came from”. I mean, that’s a mouthful for the chorus of a rock song. Or maybe he wrote the song that way on purpose, so people like me would pick it apart and sound like an idiot, and that’s the joke.

Either way, I found the video on youtube. I hadn’t seen it before, and let me just say…wow. Um, I guess it’s no surprise that the lead singer quit the band in 2006 to pursue drug rehab.