Sarah Palin totally blows

In 1984, long before Sarah Palin was John McCain’s vice presidential nominee, she (then Sarah Heath) entered into the Miss Alaska Pageant. She competed in a swimsuit competition of course. But more importantly, she showed off her musical prowess during the talent portion of the competition by playing the flute.

The announcer says: “She is an accomplished flautist who has been performing for ten years. She will be performing “The Homecoming” as written by Nathan Hardy…”

Here’s the video:

She didn’t win the competition.

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  1. Maria, it was great meeting you and siahrng this experience with you as well. What a great weekend with MeRa and Brian. But I think the best part is the bonding we’ve all done after the workshop, the feeling of togetherness, and knowing we all have this community of women who get it and will lift us up when we need lifting, hold our hand when we need holding, and share and support always. It was and continues to be truly amazing. You are an extremely talented photographer and I am blessed to share this journey with you. ♥xoxo Marcy

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