Should I just keep chasing penguins?

In Soviet Russia, penguin chases you!

One of the more recent ridiculously overplayed songs on mix 93.1 here is Chasing Pavements by Adele. It’s been getting airplay for quite some time, and when it was first being played, I never paid close attention to it and thought she was singing, “Should I give up or should I just keep chasing penguins?” I thought it was kind of a weird line, but whatever floats Adele’s boat. Who am I to judge?

Then one day I heard the DJ announce the song as Chasing Pavements. And that line, to me anyway, is just as ridiculous as “chasing penguins”. How the eff do you pluralize “pavement”? Or chase it? The whole thing reeks of retardation. Maybe she should stay in the U.K. where she belongs. We don’t want her superfluous pluralizations soiling our rich American heritage, thankyouverymuch.

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  1. Clearly its a metaphor that you two louts are too uncouth to properly appreciate.

    Also, why the heck is there no ‘e’ at the end of metaphor? Damn spell checkers.

  2. @jamie – They’re imaginary penguins. Its like when you think you hear those waddling feet and you look around and there’s nothing there. But you’re sure they are there and you’re chasing after them (or in the case of Soviet Russia they’re chasing after you) and you’re two blocks down before you realize that in fact there is no chasing going on at all. Then you’re just chasing penguins.I believe that’s what happened to Santa Claus and Jessica. Stupid Topper.

  3. Adele herself is surprised Americans like this song. I’m not sure how you heard “penguins” anyway, but… try opening your mind. She is still an incredible musician and sounds best live (the true talent test). There are other countries and cultures in this world besides ours, and many of our phrases don’t make much sense either when you look at the semantics.

    See this link:

    “She’s particularly surprised “Chasing Pavements” has been accepted in the U.S. because she thinks of it as a very “British song,” at least lyrically.

    “It doesn’t make sense in America. A pavement is a highway that you drive on. It doesn’t have these huge crescendos like these pop songs do. I’m very shocked.””

  4. @Christina – Who knows why I heard “penguins”. People mishear lyrics all the time. I never really paid attention to it when it was on the radio. One thing is for sure, though. I’m not the only one who misheard it, because Matt was surprised that those weren’t the actual lyrics when I posted this.

    I really have nothing against Adele. The post was meant to be humerous. This site is all about posting amusing observations on songs and lyrics. No disrespect to other cultures is intended. Regardless of how ridiculous those cultures are.

  5. My kids got a kick out of it when they asked what she was saying and I said penguins. Honestly my first thought was penguins but listening closer realized it was pavements.

    I’m waiting for the Weird Al version of this song.

  6. @Bill – Oh man. Bill coming in with big words for no reason. If it is a metaphor”e?”, then it is a shitty one. And people need to start fucking making up metaphor”e?”s. Pavements isn’t a fucking word. Periods.

  7. @Christina – Weird, we have highways here too. We call them highways. Built using asphalt which creates pavement. Not to be semantic but she needs to stop chasing penguins and pavement. Us Separatists over here are entertained by the Beatles even as of today even though we have no idea what they are singing about.

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