Creed shreds, Metallica shreds, Eric Clapton shreds, and Carlos Santana shreds. Anyone who’s ever been in a garage or basement band in middle school or high school will surely have an appreciation for these “shreds” videos that have been all over the YouTubes lately. I really can’t describe them in any way that will do them justice. Just watch them.

Here’s Creed.

Metallica shreds also. Here is their hit, One

Oh, there’s more…

Santana sure shreds the heck out of this one.

And who could deny that slow hand Eric Clapton shreds

Lots of people shred. Go ahead, search some artists on YouTube to see if they shred. I know for a fact that Iron Maiden shreds. So do Def Leppard and Led Zeppelin.

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  1. just to let you know, i hope your daughter dies a horrible death and i hope she falls out a 53rd fucking storey window!! see how you like it, then maybe someone might make a funny song about that!!

    hope your daughter dies horrible so we can all laugh…….


  2. @matt smith – Thank you so much for your constructive comments. I’m not sure why you have such extreme feelings regarding shredder videos, but perhaps you can seek some professional help to deal with these issues. Have a good day.

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