Sizzle & Stir with the Celebrities!

I know, I know. I post too much about commercials. Sue me.

But songspeak is so much more than just quoting lyrics. It’s become an amalgam of pop culture references including, but not limited to, music, television, movies, commercials, and celebrities.

So don’t ask me why I recalled this ad campaign for Lipton’s Sizzle & Stir from 2001, but I did. There were two commercials that aired at the time. Basically, it was a mish mosh of random C-list and/or past-their-prime celebrities, living together as a family. The parental figures were simply preparing dinner, and the “children” did whatever it is annoying teenagers do.

The first included Sally Jesse Raphael, Chuck Woolery, Little Richard, and Pat Morita (R.I.P.):

The second included Mr. T, Loni Anderson, George Hamilton, and Mary Lou Retton:

I’m glad Sally Jesse put Chuck in his place regarding the creativity allowed for preparing an entree such as Lipton’s Sizzle & Stir. Broccoli, indeed.

Sadly, it appears Sizzle & Stir doesn’t exist anymore. I guess like his many gold chains, Mr. T just couldn’t get enough of it, leaving none for anyone else. I pity the fool who wants Sizzle & Stir for dinner in 2008.