slotMusic skeptic: do we really need a new format?

slotmusic SanDisk announced yesterday that they would be introducing a new music format to the masses, music on SD Cards. They call this slotMusic. Apparently, they are trying to replace the Compact Disc. Really.

The slotMusic card will be 1GB capacity and will contain 320 kbps DRM-free MP3s. Liner notes, album artwork, videos, and ‘other creative content’ will also be included. They will cost between $7 and $15 and will be sold in major retail locations, such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart.

SONY BMG, Universal Music Group, EMI, and Warner Music Group have already chosen albums to be released on this format in the coming months.


slotMusic cards enable consumers to instantly and easily enjoy music from their favorite artists without being dependent on a PC or internet connection. Users simply insert the slotMusic card into their microSD-enabled mobile phone or MP3 player to hear the music – without passwords, downloading or digital-rights-management interfering with their personal use.

Do we really need a new music format?

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  1. The question is one of deployment I think. I have a MicroSD card for my phone with close to 4 Gig worth of songs on it. I bring my phone down to the gym with me so I can listen that way. I might be tempted to trade out to listen to my new album. The down side however is that MicroSD is.. well Micro. As it is right now I never take my card out of my phone because I’m scared of loosing it. Before I make the jump, I’d want some way being able to store these without the fear of loosing them. I mean really really tiny.

  2. @Bill – So, instead of having a bunch of music from various albums all on one SD card that you’ve loaded up from your computer, the slotMusic idea is that you have 1 SD card for each album… and you go to the store and buy them. With these things each being roughly the size of a quarter, who the heck is going to change them out each time they want to listen to a new album?

    If anything, they should have tried to figure out movie titles on SD. That’s something people might be willing to deal with since they don’t want to store that much data on their internal drives on their devices.

    But people listen to music on ‘Shuffle’ most of the times these days… a song here and there. I don’t think SanDisk gets it.

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