Someone you know could be havin’ a stroke…act FAST!

There is a public service announcement commercial about strokes that’s been rearing its head often lately from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and no matter how many times we see it, it remains hilarious. The actual commercial, with the dude’s funky voiceover, can be seen here.

But in researching this commercial, I found a full three and a half minute cartoon music video detailing the stories of all the characters in full:

I know there’s nothing funny about strokes, but I’ll be damned if these commercials don’t try their hardest to make strokes hilarious. I mean, we even saw this commercial last week during Lost (though, to be fair, sometimes trying to figure out what’s going on on Lost can almost give you a stroke).

It appears that because it’s produced by the MA Dept. of Public Health that only us lucky Massachusetts residents get to see this commercial. Which is a shame. Because it’s gold, Jerry, gold.

And always remember, bof fry flew.