Stephen Kellogg returns to UMASS to film the video for Shady Esperanto And The Young Hearts

sk6ersumassmarchingbandFeaturing the UMass Minutemen Marching Band and shot in Amherst, Massachusetts, Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers‘ new video for “Shady Esperanto And The Young Hearts” is a fun excuse for Stephen and his bandmates to visit UMASS again. Stephen Kellogg got his start while attending UMASS and playing all over Western Massachusetts. Western Mass, represent!

Lilac gods released me from the stinging queen bee
Helped me to forget about the lions chasing me
If a man among us has the notion that he’s free
I entreat you to the challenge stand on up and let’s see
You get old… I never wanna get old

Smiling and sun baked I get jealous of myself
That Shady Esperanto and the Young Hearts carousel
The hardest part has always been to resurrect my soul
Lightning in my youth and the newest way just got old…

It got old… I never wanna get old…

And you try and you try…
But you can’t try enough

But you keep fighting, you keep on fighting me
You keep on fighting, don’t you know you already won

Summer in the city we were hanging on the lawn
Talking all the time about where the time had gone
It’s not the way I thought it’d be; it’s not what I was told
I’ve got a young heart and I don’t wanna get old

I never wanna get old… You get old…
I never wanna get old… I’m never gonna get old

And you try and you try…
But you can’t try enough