Fietti Fail

For some reason, today Matt and I have been talking about NBC’s new primetime game show, Minute to Win It (or, as it was known 60 years ago, Beat the Clock). While I was lunching at my desk, I decided to watch a bit of it online, which in turn caused Matt to watch it…

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The Original Mavericks

I can’t help but notice the songspeak site has had some banner ads for the McCain/Palin campaign lately. I can only imagine this is because we’ve had a few McCain and Palin related posts recently, but rest assured that we here at Songspeak in no way, shape, or form support the McCain/Palin ticket. So it…

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Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean dies at 92

House Peters Jr., a television actor who was the original Mr. Clean for Procter and Gamble, died Wednesday at the age of 92. In the 1950s and 1960s, Peters Jr. played the bald-headed, hoop-earring wearing, grime-fighting Mr. Clean to advertise the household cleaner with the trademark jingle, “Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean. Mr. Clean gets rid…

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