Wouldn’t Black Sabbath make more sense?

Thanks to Bill for sending me this link earlier today. It seems that the soundtrack for Iron Man 2 will consist of solely AC/DC songs, and the soundtrack, available April 19, 2010, will be called AC/DC: Iron Man 2. One would think that AC/DC recorded a new track or two for the soundtrack, like Big…

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He’s got the Jack

This songspeak took place a couple weeks ago on one of my poker nights. I’m not going to explain the game of no limit texas hold ’em here, but for those familiar with the game, the story will make sense. I wasn’t playing this hand, but was just observing along with everyone else at the…

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AC/DC releases new single, breaks tradition by NOT singing title of song repeatedly during chorus

AC/DC‘s new single, Rock N’ Roll Train, has raised more questions than answers here at Songspeak. Brian Johnson does NOT… I repeat… does NOT sing the song title (Rock N’ Roll Train) over and over again in the chorus. It has us a little thrown off. They’ve been following the formula for years. All of…

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