Are you havin’ a laugh? It’s Chris Martin on Extras

Having recently finished watching Ricky Gervais make a fool of himself in Extras, I was havin’ a laugh recalling the cameo appearance by Chris Martin of Coldplay. Gwenyth’s making drumsticks! It’s especially awesome to see Ricky Gervais doing musical things, since I had heard that he was a former pop musicain himself. Thanks to the…

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Mark Wahlberg and Sarah Palin make cameos on SNL

Last week, we posted the Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals skit from Saturday Night Live, in which Andy Samberg does a dead-on impression of Mark Wahlberg… talking to animals. Mark Wahlberg reacts and threatens to break Andy Samberg’s big beautiful nose in a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It’s about 2:01 into the video:…

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