South Park‘s 13th season opened with an episode called “I See Dead Celebrities” in which Patrick Swayze, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, Walter Cronkite, DJ AM, David Carradine, Bea Arthur, and others appear in Purgatory. It was the Summer of Death after all. Of particular note, however, was Cartman’s appreciation for advertising hero Billy…

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Set an open course full of urgency

About ten years ago, South Park brought the song Come Sail Away by Styx to the forefront with Cartman’s apparent problem of not being able to hear the beginning of the song without finishing it. For years, Matt and I would bring this up and/or sing it randomly. Then one day I noticed Matt sang…

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It was the heat of the moment

Among the many bands named after geographical locations (Kansas, Boston, Europe, Chicago), the band Asia scored big points with their catchy song, Heat Of The Moment. The creators of South Park noticed this, and paid tribute in their episode about Cartman attempting to get stem cell research legalized in order to save his friend Kenny….

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