Sloppy Joe, Slop Sloppy Joe

On the nights my wife works, it’s up to me to make dinner for myself and Quinn. One of my go-to meals, mainly because it’s easy to prepare and doesn’t take much time, is Hamburger Helper. There are enough varieties that having it once a week doesn’t really get too old, and it’s just easier…

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Fat guy in a little DirecTV commercial

Okay I’ve seen a bunch of these DirecTV commercials where the actor breaks out of scene to tell you about the wonders of DirecTV. But somehow, using a scene from Tommy Boy in which (now dead) Chris Farley sings the always-appreciated-around-songspeak ‘Fat Guy In A Little Coat’ just doesn’t seem right. I think David Spade…

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Nobody danced like Patrick Swayze, except maybe Chris Farley

Patrick Swayze lost his battle with cancer yesterday, and though he will be recalled for his roles in Dirty Dancing, Roadhouse, and Ghost, his appearance on SNL is probably my favorite memory of his career. Set to Working For The Weekend by Loverboy, this amazingly choreographed performance by Mr. Patrick Swayze and the great Chris…

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