Dexter is coming to town

Dexter is a pretty amazing show. A serial killer who kills other serial killers is a character I can really get behind. Michael C. Hall does a great job with this character, but who knew he was a serial killer with some serious vocal talent? Michael C. Hall was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon…

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Glengarry Glen Christmas

A.B.C A. ALWAYS B. BE C. COBBLING! Pretty amazing spoof of Alec Baldwin’s Oscar Winning performance in Glengarry Glen Ross if you ask me. I love how he accidentally slips into the original script for a second when he goes through the ABCs.

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Red Lobster!

It’s my favorite time of the year. No, not Halloween. Not even Thanksgiving or Christmas. Autumn is Endless Shrimp season at Red Lobster. It only happens once a year, and only for a limited time. It has become a tradition of sorts for Matt and I. The closest Red Lobster is about 45 minutes/an hour…

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