Radio DJs are the worst

With the increasing popularity of satellite radio, podcasts, and easy-to-access digital music, it’s becoming more and more apparent that FM radio is a dying medium. I’m ashamed to say that I still listen to the radio on occasion in my car, and usually the radio is on in the background in my office all day…

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Sex, religion, politics, music, and Danza

This past week, much like last week, brought us some good times. Here are some of our faves from the past week. Jesus Christ, Katy Perry! The Today Show? David Duchovny wants to believeā€¦that he can have sex with everyone on the planet Is MC Hammer ready for some football? Girl performs Carry On Wayward…

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Is MC Hammer ready for some football?

There’s a new commercial for Monday Night Football on ESPN with MC Hammer, and I sure do get a kick out of it. I’ve discussed in other posts the usage of MC Hammer’s songs in commercials, but this one’s different. For one thing, MC Hammer actually appears as himself. For another, well, I won’t ruin…

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