Saturday Nylund Live – Betty White to host SNL!

That’s right, The Golden Girls‘ own Rose Nylund… the incomparable Betty White, is slated to host the May 8th “Mother’s Day episode” of SNL! That this didn’t happen sooner is perhaps life’s biggest mystery. Betty’s self-deprecating humor and quick wit is sure to be a great match for Saturday Night Live, and we’re excited to…

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All You Need Is Pants

At a family gathering over the weekend, we got into a discussion about a Facebook fan page that was created by a 2010 Winter Olympics watcher strictly for The Norweigian Curling Team’s Pants. My family being blessed with both Norweigian roots AND a terrible sense of humor led me to say “Norweigian Pants, isn’t that…

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Pickleback: More popular than Nickleback

Last month Coral Anne created a Facebook fan page called ‘Can This Pickle get More Fans Than Nickelback‘. Guess what– it did! It only took about 3 weeks! This is good news for cucumbers everywhere. The page has more than 1,530,445 fans. A lot of news sites are reporting that Nickleback frontman Chad Kroeger found…

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