Treat your mother right, says Mr. T

This Mother’s Day, treat your mother right. Don’t disrespect her, or any other mothers. Because if you do, Mr. T might have to intervene and rap about it. Just remember: If you’re puttin’ down one mother, you’re puttin’ down mothers all over the world. Be Somebody…Or Be Somebody’s Fool. (via Found Footage Fest) Here are…

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Saturday Nylund Live – Betty White to host SNL!

That’s right, The Golden Girls‘ own Rose Nylund… the incomparable Betty White, is slated to host the May 8th “Mother’s Day episode” of SNL! That this didn’t happen sooner is perhaps life’s biggest mystery. Betty’s self-deprecating humor and quick wit is sure to be a great match for Saturday Night Live, and we’re excited to…

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I’m a mother lover, you’re a mother lover, we should love each other’s mothers

Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake offered up an eyebrow raising follow up to Dick In a Box, this time a wonderfully inappropriate Mother’s Day seduction song called Motherlover. Susan Sarandon plays Samberg’s mom and Patricia Clarkson plays Timberlake’s mom. Each of them tries to seduce the other one’s mom as a gift for Mother’s Day….

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