Whoa-oa Black Betty, Amberlamps

Thanks to Tosh.0 for bringing my attention to the Epic Beard Man viral video. It’s pretty disturbing, so I won’t embed it here, but you can view it at this link. Basically, a drunk black dude and a racist bearded white idiot exchange words on a transit bus in Oakland, CA, which then escalates into…

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OfficeMax Power to the Penny tv commercials

The penny prank commercials OfficeMax has been playing are their attempt at cashing in (har har) on the YouTube generation I guess. It’s what happens when a bunch of adults get together and try to make a viral video (it’s viral!). Oh– I know– these hidden camera techniques are likely not legit. I’m sure that…

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Tropic Thunder viral video from the 2008 MTV Movie Awards

Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr. made a “viral video” for the 2008 MTV Movie Awards to promote their upcoming movie, Tropic Thunder. I didn’t see the awards this year (which were somewhat close to a massive fire at universal studios), but I’m generally of the opinion that the best part of these…

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