Take luck!

In the late 1990s, Jamie, myself, and the rest of our friends would get together on Sunday evenings and watch The X-Files at 9. When it was over at 10, anyone who had an attention span after that would tune in to Dr. Katz on Comedy Central.

One episode in particular really amused us. It was an episode with David Duchovny (oddly enough) and Brian Regan, a comedian who spawned some key catch-phrases among our group of friends.

“Take luck. Take luck and care. Take care of the luck! Good luck taking care of the luck that you might have.
If you have luck, take it and care for it. Good luck taking care of the luck when you might have some!”

“Let’s go halves on a pie”


Here’s video of Brian Regan’s “take luck” segment on Dr. Katz, after a discussion about the size of his family.

Here’s another amusing segment where he discusses “the phone company” as well as sleeping on his friends’ fold-out couch.

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