Take off your pants, let’s make some romance

takeoffyourpantsGiven all the death and despair lately, I think it’s time to get back to songspeak basics. Which is why I’ve decided to tell y’all about an old songstory courtesy of our friend Kevin. You may remember his misheard No Doubt lyrics. Anyway, Kevin is a big classic rock fan, and him and I spent many a night listening to the Dazed and Confused soundtracks in his jeep as we drove around. Kevin also liked the Steve Miller Band, and had many alternate lyrics to various Steve Miller songs. One particular one that I remember was his alternate lyrics for Swingtown. The song starts, “Come on and dance, come on and dance, let’s make some romance…”, but whenever Kevin would hear it, without fail he would sing, “Take off your pants, take off your pants, let’s make some romance…”. Personally, I think Kevin’s lyrics are much more fitting than the original ones. And so should you.