That’s what she said

To be fair, this is TVspeak and not really songspeak, but songspeak is large enough to encompass all of pop culture. One of our favorite pop culture catch phrases is “that’s what she said”. It’s pretty low class humor, but it’s awesome. I believe it originated on Wayne’s World, but it has become exceedingly prominent on The Office as one of Michael Scott’s favorite sayings.

We use it quite frequently, and we’ve found that poker night is ripe with opportunities to use this gem. Here are some memorable examples of things that have been said preceding our usage:

“I had a small pair”
“Sometimes you just have to shove it in”
“It only looks big because it’s all red”
“I’ve got the nuts”
“You’re big” (in reference to the blind)
“I’ve got a dirty stack”

There are so many more times we’ve said it in so many more situations, but you get the idea. And here is a wonderful montage from The Office of some classic moments: