The grill is gone, it’s gone away from me

Yesterday I spent a good portion of my Sunday cleaning out the basement of our house and getting it ready for the winter season. It sure was dusty down there (that’s what she said).

Anyway, I put a bunch of things out by the curb hoping people would take them, but thinking that certain things would not appeal to anyone. I put a bike, a hose, a Windows 98 printer, another old printer, a rusty utility light that was covered in cobwebs and soot, some stools, and of course– a very very used portable gas grill with an empty gas tank attached.

Kristen and I kept looking out the window and checking throughout the day, and whenever something would be gone from the curb I was so relieved to not have to deal with it. I was certainly surprised when the grill was gone, which may have prompted my inner B.B. King to sing “The grill is gone, it’s goooone away from me”.

This was a reference to The Thrill Is Gone, a song popularized by B. B. King in the 1970s. It was originally written by Rick Darnell and Roy Hawkins in 1951. King re-recorded this song as a duet with Tracy Chapman on the Deuces Wild album 1997.

Oh, and you’ll be happy to find out that yes, all of the items I put out by the curb were gone by the end of the day:

The grill is gone
The bike is gone
The printers is gone
The hose is gone
The rusty utility light is gone
The stools is gone