The guy from Theory of a Deadman hates his life

One of the catchier songs I’ve been hearing on Lazer 99.3 lately is Hate My Life by Theory of a Deadman. You may not know the band, but they’re one of those stereotypical rock radio bands. You might confuse them with Nickelback, or Shinedown, or Three Days Grace, or Breaking Benjamin, or…well, you get the idea.

I like this song, even though there’s something annoying about someone from a relatively successful rock band complaining about how much their life sucks. Let’s look at the video, shall we?

I’ll tell ya, when I first watched the video, the singer looked nothing like I pictured him. And you can tell he must not be used to making videos. He sure comes across lifeless and devoid of emotion for a song filled with such bitter rage.

The novelty of this song will likely fade, and as far as songs about hatred go, I still think Ugly Kid Joe did it best.

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