The guy who writes the SNL digital short songs

asatacconeHe gave you Dick In A Box, Mother Lover, and Lazy Sunday and is the brother of Jorma Taccone, one of the three Lonely Island dudes. His name is Asa Taccone, and he’s also doing music for the MTV Movie Awards airing May 31st, 2009.

Asa Taccone is part of the Black Iris collective, an agency that creates music for advertisements and the entertainment industry. With offices in NYC, Los Angeles, and Richmond, VA, Black Iris has also started their own singles label. The label has been lucrative, selling longer versions of the songs you may hear in something like the newest Cadillac ad for example. Other Black Iris work includes compositions for the ESPN X Games, Gatorade, and Hummer.

Creativity recently posted an interview with Asa

What’s the process for composing the music for the digital shorts? Is it as hectic as it seems?
Completely. It really is just as hectic as anything you’ve heard. I’ve gone and done some of the work in New York and when I see how SNL is put together, it amazes me that anything is funny on that show. It’s so last minute. For “Mother Lover” Justin was re-recording vocals about an hour and a half before the show started. It’s because we always have to send stuff to NBC’s standards and practices department, and often it’s like, “Uh, no that can’t go on air.” So we have to change things all throughout the process.
It’s so hectic that the network didn’t even know who did the music for “Dick in a Box.” My brother gave me $60 for that track. My name didn’t really come up until the Emmys and someone asked. It’s just so chaotic, but it works.

Usually the process is, my brother will call and give us the general joke idea, and that changes about four or five times in a four hour period until they land on an idea that they think is funny. Then we send them a bunch of tracks and they’ll either pick something they like and just start writing to that or, when it’s more organized like in the case of “Dick in a Box” and “Mother Lover,” they give us a more specific outline. For “Dick in a Box” they wanted a cheesy, 90s, Color Me Badd type track. Then we just go from there, and there’s usually so little time to get everything done.

Drew Campbell and I did “Mother Lover” and I got the call on the Monday at about 3:20 a.m., L.A. time, and all those guys were in the studio with Justin Timberlake, just writing and trying to figure things out. It seems like that’s a lot of time, but so much changes right up to when the show goes on the air.

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Here’s a partial list of some of the things Asa Taccone has been involved with on SNL (from imDB:

    – Dane Cook/James Blunt (3 December 2005) – composer (additional music)
    – Jack Black/Neil Young (17 December 2005) – Soundtrack (writer: “Lazy Sunday”), Composer
    – Peter Sarsgaard/The Strokes (21 January 2006) – Soundtrack (writer: “Young Chuck Norris”), composer (additional music)

    – Natalie Portman/Fall Out Boy (4 March 2006) – Soundtrack (writer: “Natalie Raps”) (producer: “Natalie Raps”), Composer
    – Lindsay Lohan/Pearl Jam (15 April 2006) – composer (additional music)
    – Tom Hanks/Red Hot Chili Peppers (6 May 2006) – Soundtrack (writer: “Please Don’t Cut My Testicles”), composer (additional music)
    – Kevin Spacey/Nelly Furtado (20 May 2006) – composer (additional music)
    – John C. Reilly/My Chemical Romance (21 October 2006) – Soundtrack (writer: “Harpoon Man”), composer (additional music)
    – Justin Timberlake (17 December 2006) – Soundtrack (writer: “Dick in a Box”) (producer: “Dick in a Box”), Composer
    – Jake Gyllenhaal/The Shins (13 January 2007) – composer (additional music)
    – Drew Barrymore/Lily Allen (3 February 2007) – composer (additional music)
    – Forest Whitaker/Keith Urban (10 February 2007) – Soundtrack (writer: “Sloths”) (music: “Andy Popping Into Frame”), composer (additional music)
    – Scarlett Johansson/Bj√∂rk (22 April 2007) – Soundtrack (writer: “Roy Rules!”), composer (additional music)
    – LeBron James/Kanye West (29 September 2007) – Soundtrack (writer: “Iran So Far”)
    – Jon Bon Jovi/Foo Fighters (13 October 2007) – Soundtrack (music: “People Getting Punched Just Before Eating”), composer (additional music)
    – Amy Adams/Vampire Weekend (8 March 2008) – Soundtrack (writer: “Hero Song”), composer (additional music), Brother (uncredited)
    – Ashton Kutcher/Gnarls Barkley (12 April 2008) – Soundtrack (writer: “Daiqurai Girl”), composer (additional music)
    – Michael Phelps/Lil’ Wayne (13 September 2008) – composer (additional music)
    – Ben Affleck/David Cook (1 November 2008) – Soundtrack (writer: “GIRAFFES!”)