The Hoedown Throwdown

So, another trip to Lancaster for me and and my family for work, and more mix CD’s made for the 6 hour roadtrip. When making CD’s for the trip, my wife and I strive for a good variety of music that we enjoy, as well as some kid’s songs to keep Quinn happy in the backseat. It seems every year there’s a song or two that catches on with her that we end up listening to incessantly. Last year, it was the theme songs to iCarly and Drake & Josh. This year, it was the Hoedown Throwdown off the Hannah Montana Movie soundtrack. The Hannah Montana Movie is the first movie Quinn saw in a real theater. And we netflixed the DVD so she’d have something to watch on the portable DVD player on the trip and in the hotel room. I hadn’t seen the movie, and hearing the song on one of my wife’s two mixes was my first experience with it. Then, we arrived in Lancaster, PA, and stopped at the Olive Garden for dinner. And while sitting at the table, Quinn kept singing, “Boom boom clap, boom dee clap dee clap”. It took me awhile to realize she was singing this song, but when watching the DVD with her in the room, it all became clear. Miley travels home to Tennessee with her dad and brother to visit her grandmother, and during a party, spices it up by adding some hip hop to their hoedown. And from then on, Quinn insisted on listening to the “Miley Montana” song (don’t worry, she’s very clear on the Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana double-life situation). And we must have listened to that song about a million times whenever we were in the car. Quinn wants to learn how to do the dance, but thinks she’s still a bit young, and then realized that Miley sings that, “if you’re 5 or 82, this is something you can do”, and since she’s only 4, she’s not quite old enough to do it. Now, Hannah Montana has grown on me in the past year or so, and I must say, this song is damn catchy. I didn’t really mind listening to it over and over. See for yourself: