The Later Host’s Black

Does anybody remember the late night NBC talk show Later?

It used be on after Late Night with David Letterman when he was on NBC, in the days before Last Call with Carson Daly. Bob Costas was the first host. Then Greg Kinnear took over after his Talk Soup gig. Then he decided a film career would be more lucrative than a show that airs at 1:30am that hardly anyone watches. The show then kind of had a revolving door of hosts, mostly stand-up comedians.

Matt and I were discussing how, since Arsenio Hall, there were no current black hosts of late night talk shows. cynthia-garrett Matt then sang “The Later host’s black” to the tune of Queensryche’s “The Lady Wore Black”. I don’t remember who it was at the time, but in doing a little research, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was probably Cynthia Garrett.

This is one of my favorite songspeaks of all time. It caused us to include this song on one of the very first Songspeak’s Greatest Hits mixtapes.

Poltically correct? Maybe not.

Awesome original songspeak? Absolutely.

Bob Costas would be proud.