The Mentalists perform MGMT’s “Kids” entirely on iPhones

mentalistsiphonemgmt The Mentalists, a band from across the pond, perform MGMT’s Kids on iPhones and iPod Touches. The ideaw as conceived by lead singer Kim-Leigh Pontin. She and her bandmates downloaded various apps from the Apple iPhone App Store.

From CNET:

On the video, titled “Live iPhone musical performance,” Kim-Leigh Pontin plays a software version of the ocarina, a flute-like instrument. The Ocarina app was created by Smule.

Alice Offley, 27, the group’s bassist, uses her device to play the miniSynth, a keyboard synthesizer app from Yonac Software. Kelly Appleton, 26, the band’s guitarist, plays the Retro Synth application from Iconic Apps. Lyndsay Evans, 28, the drummer, uses the DigiDrummer Lite application from developers Magnus Larsson and Nick Rudolfsky.

Pretty impressive, ladies.