The Spirit of Freaks and Geeks

Watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall this past weekend and How I Met Your Mother on Monday got me to thinking about Jason Segal’s start on Freaks and Geeks, and some of the more classic moments from that show. Awhile back, Matt posted about Nick serenading Lindsey with the Styx classic Lady.

Well, one of my favorite Nick moments from Freaks and Geeks is when he’s drumming along with Spirit of the Radio by Rush. One would think he’s doing an awesome job, until his dad comes down the stairs and you get the perspective of the outside observer.

This scene is so great because not only is it an awesome song, but who hasn’t been singing along to the car radio, or doing karaoke, and thinking they sound awesome, when, in reality, they’re awful?

(Lostaholics note: John Locke’s dad makes a cameo in this clip!)

Tangential anecdote: Jo and I once shared a flight to Australia with Jason Segal (thankfully, it didn’t crash on a mysterious island). We noticed him waiting in the Auckland, New Zealand airport on our layover along with the rest of the passengers from our plane. Which is funny because the night before we had watched Can’t Hardly Wait in the hotel room, and he has a small cameo in that. And now, thanks to Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I’ve seen his penis.