There’s no bad ideas when you’re brainstormin’

imaginationmoversMy three year old’s new television obsession is Imagination Movers on Playhouse Disney. And while it can be painful for parents to tolerate their preschoolers’ entertainment preferences, I must say, the Imagination Movers are awesome.

They started out as a children’s band and quickly grew in popularity, getting their own TV show on the Disney Channel. And if you read about the guys in the band, you’ll find that three of them lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina. This makes their upbeat attitudes and music all the more impressive.

But I digress…their music is cool, and Quinn loves it. She sings along to most of the songs. But my personal favorite is the Brainstorming song. Basically, the Imagination Movers work in their Idea Warehouse, and their job is to help people solve problems. They don’t get too many customers, and usually end up helping their neighbors, Nina and her Uncle Knit Knots (He always wears beige and likes things to be boring. He finds the Imagination Movers to be much too exciting.). Every episode, a problem presents itself early on, and this leads to the Brainstorming song. Here’s a longer version of what appears on the show (which includes an actual storm that blows its way through the Warehouse):

I’m always now saying that there’s no bad ideas when you’re brainstormin’.

And to get a little flavor of what they’re like, here’s an older extended version of their theme song (this was back when Dave wore an orange hat…he now wears a red hat in the show):

Neither Quinn nor I can get enough of these guys. We have about a dozen episodes saved on our DVR. Eventually there will be a time when there’s no room for anything else. I think what the situation needs is some imagination!