This is Howie do it

Let's flip the track, bring the old school back

This past weekend, I saw some commercials on NBC for a rather disturbing new series. It’s called Howie Do It, and involves Howie Mandel (of A Fine Mess, Walk Like a Man, and more recently, Deal or No Deal fame) playing practical jokes on everyday average people.

I liked it the first time when it was called the Jamie Kennedy Experiment, and then the second time when it was called Punk’d with Ashton Kutcher. But do we really need another one of these shows? With Howie Mandel of all people? I mean, the dude can’t even touch another person due to his debilitating fear of germs, but he’s going to spray shit at people for kicks?

And don’t even get me started on the punniness of the title. Montell Jordan would be rolling over in his grave.

If he were dead.

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  1. With the title, there’s been some debate as to whether they’re going for…

    How HE do it


    How WE do it

    I was busy watching Million Dollar Password last night on CBS, so I wasn’t exposed to much NBC marketing (thank god, because the announcer guy is annoying lately, isn’t he?)

  2. @matt – Well, if you watch the preview video that’s linked to in the post, Howie actually says, “Wait until you see how WE do it” (emphasis his, not mine). As if people wouldn’t quite understand what they’re going for with the title. You know, because it’s so VAGUE.

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